Are you ready to uncover your truth, find your purpose, finally heal and completely transform your Life!

Do you still feel disconnected

even when your doing everything right?


There is a new World emerging.  One in which we as humans must progress in understanding the next step in our evolving. Most spiritual practices lack an embodied perspective and reality, and most Therapies likewise lack a true understanding of spirituality.  We must now bridge the gap between the two.  We must evolve to include a top down and a bottom up approach which is lacking in both communities.  It is time.  It is the next step in Human Evolution.  Become the Embodiment of our New Human Evolution.

How long have you been doing you spiritual practice for and

  • Still don't totally get it   

  • You don't even know what your Soul is

  • Still can't find your inner voice which guides you

How long have you been doing Therapy for and

  • Still don't feel any better

  • It hasn't changed your life at all

  • Your health is still not improving

I can guide you to bridge between the worlds of Spirit and Body that no one else knows how to do.


Hi I'm Kristine

World-renowned Spiritual Teacher and Guide, Consciousness Coach, Intuitive Consultant, and a passionate Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a body orientated Therapy to heal Trauma, Stress and Overwhelm.  Over 30 years experience.

I can help you bridge those two worlds we find ourselves disconnected from and not being about to join them both.

I can help you finally connect the worlds of spirit and body where you can really authentically experience feeling connected again. 



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