What is a true Guide?  A true teacher?

Being honest here, it's someone who has really done the work.  It is not about credentials,

I am talking about having gone through things that are unimaginable to most people.

Have come out the other side of hell, with a profound real understanding of life, because I survived it, I transformed it, and it connected me to the True Depth of my full Being.

I have been involved in deep spiritual exploration and my own personal healing journey for well over 30 years.

To this day I still continue to dive deep, every day, my own life practice I am constantly evolving, growing and going deeper.   I know how to navigate Body, Mind and Soul.

I am a Seer, one who sees, it is True Gift of my Soul.  True knowing.  It is not regurtitated from books or being taught at school or University.  This is next level awareness beyond this dimension. 

Spiritual Teacher and Guide, Consciousness Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Practicing Kundalini Yoga Teacher,  Advanced Energy Healer and Bodyworker, most all a passionate Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

A True Guide and True Teacher is the living Embodiment of their Higher Nature here in there Human Form. 

I am the Ultimate Guide to have by your side.  Let me show you what others can't.

Experience yourself in your Body in new ways and discover the true meaning of Soul.


Feel what it feels like to be bridged between two worlds.  Next level healing and expansion into the huge untapped capacity of joining Body and Soul.